Spinning Subplots

Subplots are a necessary ingredient to most good stories. When writing my early drafts of AWESOME SAUCE I made two major mistakes that I’ve since learned how to avoid.

1. Too many subplots. I had so much going on under the main story I needed a scorecard to keep track. A couple are fine but 7-8 were too many for my potential middle readers.

2. Sub plots that do not tie into the main story. I enjoyed writing these little mini stories but when I stopped long enough to see the big picture I realized they were not supporting or moving the main plot forward in any way.

The first sub plot I deleted was one about my main character having a puppy with three legs. It had little to do with the main story of Hender trying to find his dad. I got rid of the puppy as it was beginning to become a story of its own. The source for the subplot was most likely my own new four legged puppy at the time who has since kept my feet warm through many edits. She’s a keeper from the Lander, Wyoming Pet Connection

Tatum Today (20 months)

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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