Bookmarks for a Lonely Journey

Writing a novel is a very solitary experience. No one else knows the mud you have slogged through to get a working manuscript. Fortunately the Internet is alive and well providing advice and comfort for writers of all levels. Here is a master list of the sites providing help, counseling, and an encouraging pat on the back.

  • Children’s Book Insider (I devoted a whole post here to this awesome site. A must for any children’s writer)
  • From the Mixed up Files of Middle Grade Authors (Dozens of authors share their advice for writing to this age group. Frequent posts too.)
  • (Agent Mary Kole’s blog full of helpful suggestions from writing through submission)
  • Pub Rants (Agent Kristen Nelson’s overly useful blog with videos and a ton of advice)
  • School Library Journal (You will want to read this site for all the insightful reviews of children and teen books. Reviews give me clues as to what is being written along with reactions to various genres.)
  • Write On (Teacher Rick Crawford shares many of his manuscripts and always has a helpful new blog post about the writing process.)

I know these will be helpful as they sure have been for me. I’ll post a few more favorites in the future.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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