Study Guides, Comprehension, and Me

Looking around author web sites I began to notice something many of them are sharing: Study Guides for their novels. There is even an online source called Renaissance Learning that sells comprehension materials for thousands of titles. Their title list also includes word counts and specific reading levels you can access for free.

I am jumping ahead slightly as AWESOME SAUCE has not reached the stage of needing anything like this, but it got me thinking… With my classroom experience teaching reading, what materials did I have that might be beneficial later on? I found plenty and instead of waiting until I can adapt them to my novel, why not share them here?  Turn the printer on and tell your friends, family, and the teachers in your life because the first one is here.

This is a nifty little graphic organizer (Character Analysis) for comparing two characters, books, scenes, etc. Using my story as an example: How are Jonson and Hender similar and different? Compare two times Hender got into trouble. How is AWESOME SAUCE similar or different to WEDNESDAY WARS? The possibilities are endless.

Once the organizer is complete the words can then be rewritten as a paragraph. This becomes a natural way to organize a visual learner’s thoughts. A software program called Inspiration makes it easy to develop these.

As I brush off the digital dust for many more, I will post them and at the same time do a little up front work on my own study guide. Enjoy!

Use the link above to download this nifty template.


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Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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