The Top Ten Events for an Author in the Writing Process

  1. You write the most perfect paragraph one night only to find out it doesn’t sound right the next morning…DELETE.
  2. You take notes when sitting near a group having a lively conversation because they are exactly like your main characters.
  3. It will be all quiet for the first two minutes of a writing session before the doorbell rings, the phone begs to be answered, and the dog does his “I gotta go” routine.
  4. After the 32nd read through you declare your manuscript to be flawless. After printing it out you find three errors on the first page.
  5. You have copies waiting by the front door in case an unsuspecting person comes by and you can talk them into critiquing your work.
  6. Your manuscript will come across differently depending on whether it is being read on a computer screen or a printed copy, out loud or silent, morning or night.
  7. You beginning dreaming about a different ending or scene.
  8. You save your entire manuscript in 14 different places.
  9. You finally finish your masterpiece, put it away for a month, and then rewrite the whole thing.
  10. You read blogs like this to make sure you are not the only one going crazy.


About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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