A Spell Check Moment

For 20 years I taught 11-13-year-olds Language Arts. This included spelling, grammar, and a good dose of writing. I would usually get about 20% of the kids who loved to write and another 20% who dreaded every moment. I always tried to be creative in getting them to enjoy the process. One year I had an extremely visual group who had to have the right brain going before anything like writing could take place. I found several short films that would serve as writing prompts. The first was a five-minute video of a group of wild horses descending down a hillside and then slow motion footage of them running along a beach. I used the last 15 minutes of the day to get them to write a creative paragraph on the images they witnessed. We were in the computer lab at the time and they all enjoyed the writing prompt. They spell checked their paragraphs and printed them out. I’m sure they heard me laughing later that night as I read Sarah’s take on the assignment. It just goes to show you spell check is not foolproof.


At first I could not tell what they were. I ran towards the hillside to see and it became clear. The wild whores were loose. They were beautiful and I wanted to ride them. But the wild whores were too fast for me. They had other intentions on their minds. The whores headed for the beach where the police tried to herd them to safety. They rose up and kicked the air before jumping over the police. The wild whores were off to have another exciting night.


In the next few weeks I will add a few more precious pieces of writing for you to enjoy… some funny, some serious, and quite a few beautifully written.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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