Visualizing a New Story

Where do writers get their ideas for stories? It may start with life’s experiences, from growing up to getting your first job, family, and important life events. Writer’s are also creative, as they weave the next tale in their head before putting it down on paper. Most of all, writers are observant. Each day brings new conversations, new battles, and new images which can be turned into a story.

Back in the days when phones were dumb, I used to carry a camera with me wherever I was going. Now that phones have been declared smart (although I’m still waiting for the i-genius phone), the ability to capture an image has gotten a whole lot easier. For me, a picture can jump start a story or fix a scene that is not working. Each image is a window to an idea.

100_2233At first this looks like an amusing sign to keep intruders away. But what if it were true? Stepping on one causes death or they drag you away for a torture chamber ending. Could this be a prank by the local chapter of the young Irish girl scouts? This type of story is not my thing, but you can certainly fill in the blanks. Here’s another…


What just happened to this poor fellow? Did the baked chicken get stuck in his throat? Or did the paternity test come back positive? Perhaps he is having a reunion with the daughter he has never seen. You get the idea. This picture is loaded with possibilities.

This final one does not look promising for this captive mutt. Nothing like a good dog story and this could end up in a hundred different ways…


So… take a picture… let it settle in the right side of your brain… then start writing the most compelling story you have ever written.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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