Putting Old Books Out to Pasture


Where do your old books retire? Like good friends, many of them stay with you for a lifetime. All of my recent reads end up on a mantle that faces the kitchen. A high traffic area in my house. They stay there for weeks, sometimes months, or until the mantle fills up. I like passing them each day and reliving the good memories each gave to me, the unique characters I got to know through superb writing.

After that, they often go to a bookshelf in a den, sometimes lent out to friends, donated to schools, or piled high for the next neighborhood garage sale. I keep the ones I hope to revisit some day… when time allows for me to sit back and reflect. It’s just too hard to say goodbye to old friends.

Sure, I’ve gone digital, too. Mostly for the ease it provides in traveling… no more bulky best sellers taking up space in the carry-on. But when I’m home, there’s nothing like the feeling of a good book in my hands and a bookshelf to store them on. My friends for life.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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