A Perfect Picture Makes A Great Writer

I’ve written a bunch of words the past week. Over 10,000, kept about half of them. As I took a break late one day, I turned to see a beautiful sunset. I snapped the image below.


This image is one of a kind. Other people may have stopped their busy lives to take a snapshot of this spectacular sight, but each of our pictures are unique. The location of the clouds and the various colors will never look the same as it did in that one moment from where I was standing.

It struck me that I am striving to make my final writing product a perfect picture. I want it to be memorable and capture a slice of someone’s life. The voice should stand out, brilliant as the colors in a perfect picture. If at first the writing does not develop into something special, I’ll write it a different way … snap a new image. There will be others writing similar stories, but I want to stand out.

As a writer, I am trying to make each chapter clear and in focus so that the reader can see in their own minds the same picture I have seen. Not an easy task, but one that any author will be striving to reach. Make a picture and write a story. They go together well.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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