Finding Your Main Character

I took a break from writing this weekend … well that didn’t last. Anyway, after opening the fridge, seeing lots of shelf space and hearing a few echos, I made a quick dash to the grocery store.

After picking up 2 pounds of blueberries (hey, they were on sale) and low fat fudge pops (Not so good) I went up and down a few more aisles for essentials before coming face to face with… my main character from HALF BRAIN pushing his own grocery cart. It was like he jumped out of the pages of my manuscript. The mannerisms, dress, and every detail I had written about came alive.

I moved over to another aisle and a second later, there he was again. It was bizarre. I didn’t run into him again, but it got me thinking how did I get to this point of seeing my fictional character come to life?

It all started with a good story and a few character traits. The dialog helped bring the voice and in turn more character traits. My main character has strengths and plenty of flaws, but he’s someone you don’t mind cheering for. He’s predominately a right brain thinker who doesn’t mind making a few mistakes or what others think. I’m not that character, but I’ve been around many like him.

Once authors live inside a story for a long time, writing and rewriting, the story becomes another world they visit each time they sit down to create more. These characters are your friends and for that I don’t mind running into them.



About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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