The A, B, C’s of Being an Author

A is for Angst. You will have plenty of it to contend with.

B is for Bravery. Not everyone has the courage to be a writer.

C is for Creative. Enough said.

D is for Delight, the hoped for response from your readers.

E is for Excellence. What every writer hopes to achieve.

F is for Fortunate. That each of us has the ability to write words others want to read.

G is for Grin. That’s what you have when the perfect sentence has been written.

H is for Hug. Everyone needs support to reach his or her goal, especially writers.

I is for Imagination. That’s the spark that ignites every writer.

J is for Jubilant. The feeling you will experience when finally getting published

K is for Knowledgeable. Knowing everything there is about being a better writer.

L is for Laugh. You have to take time to do this in order to survive.

M is for Motivation. Keep piling that up, as you’ll need it every day.

N is for Novel.  Your literary work but also for writing something refreshingly new.

O is for Optimism and finding an audience.

P is for Proud. It’s not easy what you have accomplished.

Q is for Quiet. Sometimes, a good story needs a bit of that thrown in.

R is for Roadblocks. Expect many in your path to publication.

S is for Snacks. You’ll need plenty of healthy ones as your writing sessions expand.

T is for Transforming. Not only for yourself but also for your readers.

U is for Unwavering. Not everyone is going to love your story.  Accept that and move on

V is for Victorious. Feel that way with each new chapter written

W is for Wealthy. Okay, not going to happen. ‘Wow’ might be the better word for what you are doing.

X is for Xerox. Put your story on paper, it looks and reads a lot different.

Y is for Yes! All you need is one.

Z is for Zeal. Write furiously when you have it.

…And now we know our A, B, C’s.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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