Expanding Your Editing View

As an author gets close to telling the story the way they intended, there are many editing sessions where words and story telling hopefully become better. It’s a long, difficult process. One strategy I have used has been helpful for the final read through.

The closer you get to putting “The End” on your story, the harder it is to rewrite. You know what the next paragraph, page, or chapter says. You know how your character’s problem is solved. It’s hard to focus on just one piece of your writing. The words you’ve written are too familiar and may have your mind wandering all over the page.small view

One day I was staring at a page like the one above, trying to decide what needed polishing. My mind wandered and so did the mouse pointer. I ended up expanding the page view from 100% to 200%. I went a bit larger for my laptop and landed on 250%. I had already spent time on my story arc, chapters, and pages, but in this new view I could see a paragraph at a time, big and bold. This forced me to concentrate on just that one slice of writing. Were the right words chosen? Did I keep in the character’s voice? It made a big difference in not only time spent editing, but also in improving the words I had written.large viewI eventually read and rewrote my entire manuscript this way and it’s one of the best techniques I found for pushing the editing process to its conclusion. Enlarge your own words and see them reach new heights.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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2 Responses to Expanding Your Editing View

  1. Jodi says:

    A good friend and successful writer once told me that her secret to help her focus on the editing process as different than the writing one was to change the font and size. Having it look different made it easier for her to adjust her mind set so she could fix what needed fixing..

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