Book Publishing the Easy Way

I picked up a slew of books over the weekend. I’m always reading to become a better writer. If is read a passage or paragraph that I really enjoy, I’ll bookmark the page. Whenever I’m struggling to make my own words come alive those marked pages serve as inspiration.

In the Denver area we have an out of this world Indie bookstore called Tattered Cover.  Make sure to visit if you are ever in town and allow several hours to enjoy the nooks and crannies. They go way beyond being just a local book shop.

Ever since I was old enough to read, my visual mind wondered what it looked like when they actually made the book. I envisioned it as a huge room with this massive set of machines slowly churning out books. Maybe in the past, but as you can see from this short video from Tattered Cover, publishing is becoming so much easier with The Espresso Book Machine.

I’m sure this is only the beginning. A few traditional publishers instead of fighting this have already begun to offer print on demand services. After seeing the Espresso, it seems like a smart move.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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