Trash/Recycling Day

I’ve been working on my second story for the past week or so. I have the storyline all set, characters in place (carry overs from my first manuscript), and have written the first draft for the initial and last chapter. I let it sit a few days before evaluating where I was headed with this project.

My first story was filled with humor, quirky characters, and a heartwarming overtone. As I reread my second story I realized things had changed to a story full of sorrow, tough choices, and a depressing premise.  After the fun of writing the first manuscript, I was beginning to dread how this one was going to turn out.

As a writer I have learned to never give up and keep forging ahead. I also learned that the delete key is your friend.  I sent my storyline to the digital wasteland and took a brisk 45-minute walk. There’s something about exercise that clears my mind and I was able to see the big picture once again.

A new storyline began to take shape, playing out in my head like a movie on the big screen. I am back on the right path. First chapter is nearing completion and once again the story has me smiling.

Lesson learned:

If you are struggling with a storyline, let it sit.

If you are still struggling, try a new direction.

If that fails, hit the delete key (or save the words in a special ‘Words not Used’ file. They may come in handy for a future project).

Finally, exercise the body and watch a new idea spring forth.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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