It’s a Different Story

Writing is a solitary venture, or let’s call that rewriting. The seemingly never ending review of your own words can look different depending on the process. Rereading your words on the same computer screen over and over again may keep you from making them better. Try some of these techniques that have worked for me:

  • Print out a chapter at a time. Seeing your words on paper will give you a fresh perspective.
  • Read them out loud. I have found solutions to many sentence problems by hearing the words echo in the room.
  • Change your location. I typically create a story in the same familiar spot. Sometimes moving to a different environment can help me see the words differently. Go to a different room, go outside, or sit in a coffee shop.
  • Bribe a friend to read the story out loud to you. This allows you to hear your words as interpreted by someone else.
  • Save your manuscript as a PDF. Email it to yourself. If you have a smartphone you can open it up there and see your words on a different device.
  • Change your screen size to 200%. This lets you focus in on fewer words at one time.
  • Change your font. Yeah, you can’t submit it this way, but seeing your words in a cursive font can make them appear new.

Try one or try them all. Change is good to make your story the best it can be.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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