Also Starring Mother Nature

The weather here in Colorado has been down right wet. With 15 inches of rain in some locations, I was lucky in that only around six hit where I live. Nonetheless, lives were tragically lost and thousands have been inconvenienced by Mother Nature once again. Let’s hope it’s another 100 years before we get a repeat.

The storms got me thinking about how I could use Mother Nature in my writing. I have used the occasional wind gust, rain storms or sunshine to help provide support for a scene. Here are a few more I may use in upcoming drafts:

Extreme Heat: This could be good for scenes that are boiling over with tension. Tempers are flaring and so is the temperature.

Snowstorm: A sense of isolation and giving characters a chance to step back and reevaluate their choices as snowflakes display their beauty falling to the ground.

Windy Day: There’s nothing more irritating than a windy day. Adding it to a scene filled with frustration can drive home the struggles a character is going through.

Hail: A sudden deluge of ice balls may be just the ingredient your story needs. Make it be a surprising twist that sends the scene in a different direction.

Tornado: There’s no place like home, especially in a lower portion of your house when the threat of devastation begins. Spinning one into a story will provide a dramatic change.

Thunder & Lightning: Scary, Powerful, Life changing. If you need any of these in your story then add in a bolt of lightning to spark the action.

Hurricane: Even the threat of one can send your characters down an emotional journey and help provide reasons for the actions they take.

Mother Nature may also serve as the antagonist working against a character’s goal. She is one tough cookie so use her when a story or scene needs a change in the weather.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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