Writer’s Cramp

Most days I’m lucky to put down a couple hundred words on my current writing project.  Every once in a while an unbelievable writing wave arrives and I hop on. It normally lasts about three days and my fingers can barely keep up with the story flowing out of my brain. I’m talking thousands of words per day. In fact over a three-day period this past weekend I added 8,000 words.

Now that I’m back to plodding along, I wonder what causes writers to write freely, effortlessly cranking out sentences that a day before were so difficult to compose?

For me, maybe…

  • The scenes have played out in my head so many times it’s like a movie theater. When I write, the words just follow the action on the screen. It’s easy to write when you can see what you are writing about… or
  • The temperature is just right. Not too hot or cold. The house is in between the hum of the air conditioner and the roar of the heat. Fall brings cheaper energy bills and possibly increased writing… so could it be…
  • The reason is the season. The one we are in right now is the backdrop for the scenes I have been writing. I’m not at the specific setting but looking outside I see many of the same things happening. Wait I’ve got it…
  • I have nothing else to do… Now that’s funny. Never going to happen. Try again…
  • I’m not stressing as much about mistakes. The story is spinning to life. Rewrites will take care of plot deficiencies, character adjustments, and added sensory stimuli… or should I go with…
  • I’m just getting better at writing?

Whether it is one word or one thousand words, I’m writing and that is all that matters. I just hope those big waves keep coming by my desktop.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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