Don’t Forget Your Secondary Characters

I’ve been ankle deep, okay knee deep in revisions as I rewrite my second manuscript. I’ve been getting useful suggestions from my toughest critic. She felt I nailed the protagonist and overall plot. What needed support were several minor characters who are still crucial to the story. Children PlayingMy main character’s journey was easy to follow, but the consistency and growth in the supporting cast got left behind. I had read the manuscript twice but had concentrated more on the major plot points. Of course I will do more readings, but for a quick fix I read just the parts where the secondary character appeared.

It was easy. In Word I searched for “Ella” and read the sentences surrounding where  “Ella” occurred.  It became a mini-story and the flaws were glaring, but the rewriting was easy. No longer was I seeing 50,000 words, but instead just the 4,000 or so where this minor character appeared.

The same fix was applied to one other character and now I’m ready to move forward once again. Re-write. My battle cry for this month and next.


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Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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1 Response to Don’t Forget Your Secondary Characters

  1. I love seeing subplots with the secondary characters. They make the story richer.

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