A Character Study

Here is a visual that can work wonders for authors in their writing and students in the classroom. It’s a classic Venn-Diagram. Drag it to your desktop. It’s all yours!

character venn

For authors – I have written stories where by the time I come to “The End,” several of the character look suspiciously similar. Go ahead, place one character name on each side of the diagram. In the center write down characteristics and traits that the two characters share. In the remaining part of each circle write only those characteristic and traits unique to that particular character. This can also be a nice way to differentiate between two characters even before you’ve written one word of your novel.

For teachers to use with their students – Various comparisons can be made with the diagram. For a basic level, have students compare themselves with their favorite character. Next, have them compare the protagonist and antagonist. For advance students, try having them take two characters from different stories to compare. I have also had students compare their own best friend to a best friend in the book or a real parent to a fictional one.

Happy Spring to Everyone!

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Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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