Rewriting Is a Must

After making changes to my manuscripts, I put them away for 2-4 weeks to give me some distance. I finally reached the point of no changes with one of them. Realizing as I read the final page, the story truly was done. It’s ready for the world.

keyboardThe other two I keep going back and forth, spending several weeks with each, always finding something that isn’t quite right. But I keep at it because eventually they too will join the other. Yes, writing is a journey, but I find myself enjoying the ride.

Rewriting though is not something I was trained to do. Get it right the first time and turn it in was my motto. Now I savor the chance to change a line, a word, or a scene to make it just right so that readers will experience what I feel. Memorable story telling comes not from the idea but from the way it’s told. I’m so glad to have the motivation to reach that pinnacle.


The prizes have been wrapped (yes that was plural), and I’m ready to light the one-year candle for my year with Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays. The countdown is at four days until you’ll be saying “ARE YOU KIDDING?”

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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4 Responses to Rewriting Is a Must

  1. Ack! I hate the revisions. Good for you for doing it. I have been putting this off for ever so long, but I know I have to get to it.

  2. The problem with revisions is it takes so long, but when you can see the difference revising makes, it’s worth every minute.

  3. My first drafts can sometimes take forever to force out, but once I’ve got something to work with, I actually prefer the revision stage. Especially when it’s time to just polish and tweak.

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