That is… besides my own who still lives in the same house where I grew up. The moms I’m referring to are the fictional moms in middle grade books. With Mother’s Day this weekend, I’m here to give recognition to the best moms in the hundreds of MG books I’ve read.mom_heart

Even though an MG protagonist is usually 9-13 years-old, they don’t always have a supportive mom nearby. Moms are often absent because of death, divorce, or abandonment. There are also plots in which the moms are present, but the way they act is more of a detriment to their child.

The mom I enjoy having in a story isn’t one that hovers. She cares deeply about her child but lets him or her learn from their mistakes. This mom is there when their emerging teen needs help. I’d go so far to recommend these moms as case studies for potential moms. They really know how to make a difference in a kids life.

Here now are the books where you can find my six favorite fictional moms:

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2 Responses to MY FAVORITE MOMS…

  1. diegosdragon says:

    Thanks, Greg! I love Diego’s Mom. Alejandra is strong and loving, but at times she can be fragile and innocent. She adores the men in her life but won’t stand for a bit of nonsense. Well, maybe a bit 🙂

  2. diegosdragon says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

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