New Inspiration

I have my go-to list of sites I visit for writing inspiration and help. Ones like Janice Hardy’s Fiction University and Writer’s Helping Writers  have kept me entertained and informed on ways to improve and inspire my own writing.

This year has brought me two more—both very different in what they offer.


Descriptionari. The first thing you find on this site is a search box. Let’s say I’m writing about grief, or snow, or London. It doesn’t really matter except that I’m struggling with providing a description to a certain place, emotion, or thing. I need inspiration. I type the word and like magic a whole set of examples pop up submitted by other authors.

I read them all and the examples help get me in the mood to write my own version to be used in one of my own stories. It can take the block out of writer’s block. Give it a try.


Ride the Pen. I first learned of this site from Rosi at THE WRITE STUFF. It’s purpose is to help writers with common problems they might be having in their stories. The author,  Alex Limburg, is rather bold and in your face (i.e. heavy duty language), but if you can get beyond that there’s a wealth of great information. A few of the recent posts:

Your Frame-Worthy Mini-Guide to ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ (With Tons of Examples)

17 Fiction Writing Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Good Story Titles

Pssst… The 6 juicy, crafty secrets to writing a character description


Here’s a bonus for today. Not sure what’s out there for kids to read? Head on over to Brightly and their list of the 50 BEST BOOKS FOR 11-AND-12-YEAR-OLDS. I checked the list and found 29 that I had read. I’m a little behind in the Fantasy and Non-Fiction categories.

They are also hosting a fantastic giveaway of all 50 books. Deadline to enter is 1:00 PM EST APRIL 30, 2017. Click here for all the information.


Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter!


About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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5 Responses to New Inspiration

  1. Rose-Marie says:

    Always great to learn of new resources!

  2. Oh exciting! I’ve never heard of any of these! Time to explore. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked some of the sites. I especially liked the Descriptionari and Ride the Pen sites. We all need help at times.

  4. Thanks, Greg, for the shout-out and for the link to the Descriptionari. I had never heard of it. Looks good!

  5. cleemckenzie says:

    These sound very interesting. It’s great to have resources at hand. Thanks, Greg.

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