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It’s never over, until it’s over.

Over he past 12 months AWESOME SAUCE has been critiqued by some of my favorite people. They all gave me excellent feedback and helped shape the story it is today.  Exactly 38 people have read various versions but I had … Continue reading

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“The End” (well, not really)

When is “The End” really a good end? To me a good ending has three components: It wraps up the question or story line your main character has been pursuing throughout the pages. Leaves unanswered questions only if there is … Continue reading

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Out of the Mouths of 11-Year Olds

The classroom didn’t look all that different from ten years ago. There were the individual desks some looking like Hender could be sitting in the ones with papers spilling out; the alphabet in cursive, yes they still teach kids to … Continue reading

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Children’s Book Insider

During the time I was waiting for my critique groups to finish reading Awesome Sauce, I arrived at Children’s Book Insider.  At first look I assumed it was one of those book publishers who you pay to have your book … Continue reading

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Critiques: Heavy Armour Needed

Critiques. The word can make one cringe or cry or… create something better. 2012 had arrived and I was still working on AWESOME SAUCE. The new title was waiting for my next set of reviewers. It had been several other … Continue reading

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