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Editing the Final Draft

I’ve twisted, moved, and tweaked each plot point and every hole is filled. The story has been read and re-read by myself and trusted critique partners. So now how do I edit this beast? Of course I try to do … Continue reading

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Still Learning to Read Out loud

One of the frequent suggestions from established authors is to read your drafts out loud. It helps with the flow of a story and voice. I’ve read a ton of stories to kids over the years. Whenever there was a … Continue reading

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Read widely to become a better writer. That advice has never been a problem for me. I’m reading all the time. It’s when I’m focused on writing where reading becomes even more important.  I’ve written stories in a first person … Continue reading

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Two down, two to go

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.” James Michener One of the best pieces of advice I ever got is to let manuscripts sit for a month or longer. When you come back to it, you won’t … Continue reading

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Preposition Parade

Critique partners have always been great giving me pages of helpful feedback, but no one ever said “Whoa, you’ve got too many prepositions.” Why would they? We need prepositions in our writing. On the other hand… prepositions can become a … Continue reading

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Thinking and Wondering No More

I recently had the privilege of a librarian friend agreeing to critique my writing. Tilly the Hun, as I affectionately call her, works in low socioeconomic school, doesn’t do any kind of social media, has never written a book, but … Continue reading

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One Ultra Wash For My Manuscript

My car had gotten to the point of no return. It was dirty both inside and out and was beyond what a few weekend hours could solve. I don’t do this more than once every few years, but I treated … Continue reading

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