My Stories

 I’ve written six middle grade stories, learned a lot, and now I am entering the final phase. The stories were fun to write (And yes, rewrite).  Five unique main characters trying their best to make sense of the world…and one set of siblings going all out to alter their future.

√ Hop Greenwood is desperate to stop an unlucky streak of eleven horrific birthdays in THE BIRTHDAY JINX.

√CK Kalani wants is to save the earth, but first he has to save himself and the mentor he adores in SAVING BIG AND LITTLE.

√ Twelve-year-old genius, Austin Havner, has always been a failure, but now he and three other struggling students will have one chance to redeem themselves in THE MOHAVE FAILURES.

√ Hender Wently has a Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), but none of his memories include a dad until now. It’s up to Hender to use his memory once more to make sure his father comes home for good in BRINGING RYDER HOME.

√Quarreling siblings Jake and Jocelyn Evans are devastated after uncovering a plan by their parents to get rid of them. On a snowy Thanksgiving there’s only one way to make things right  – surprise Mom and Dad with their unknown cooperative side by cooking a full blown Turkey Day meal. Oh my! The results just might bring their battle to a whole new explosive level in THANKS(MIS)GIVING DAY.

√Christopher Ponder’s idea of heaven is public school. To get there he’ll need help from his Korean best friend and a final, desperate plan to leave the halls of St. Francis for good. In their way is a wild eyed nun and the events of 1963. BAD HABITS are hard to break.

2 Responses to My Stories

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  2. tythesloth says:

    Awesome! I’m totally going to find these at the library now–they sound really interesting. 🙂

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