About Greg

That’s me – Always in the Middle – as a teacher, mentor, and writer.

The publishing industry defines Middle Grade as ages 8-12. Some say I never have left that age myself, but I do have birth certificate proof.

These days I teach kids and teachers, consult, and am always on the lookout for a great middle great read.

I’m a native to Colorado and still live here with my eleven-year-old Springer Spaniel mix who is always looking for her next treat.

Questions or comments can be sent to me at this email address. Thanks for stopping by.

6 Responses to About Greg

  1. Dawne Webber says:

    I feel the same way about YA. I left that age a long time ago, but I think it’s the age I was most myself at and it’s the age I seem to write best for.

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  3. I love your site, Greg. It’s a finger on the pulse of Middle Grade for me. Thanks for the ‘follow’ too 🙂


  5. petespringerauthor says:

    As a former elementary teacher (mostly in the middle grades), I love middle-grade books. It sounds like we have many things in common such as a love for literacy, education, and children. I want to reach out and hear your thoughts about a few things, but I don’t see a contact form (maybe I’m just not seeing it) on your site. Do you give out your email address? Happy reading and writing in 2021, Greg.

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