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This yearly favorite has reached new heights for 2018. Available now, ALMANAC 2018 includes twelve chapters filled with oh my gosh pictures, facts, games, quizzes and much more. Include this in your summer travels and you’ll never hear “I’m bored” … Continue reading

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WELCOME TO THE WONDERLAND–Beach Party Surf Monkey for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

P.T. (named after P.T. Barnum) returns as the hilarious narrator in the second book in the WELCOME TO WONDERLAND series. Earlier this year I raved about Book #1—Home Sweet Motel. This is a totally new wacky adventure and reading the … Continue reading

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FELIX Yz for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

I try to keep a pulse on what agents, editors, and book publishers are looking for in new stories. Reading their blogs, web pages, and tweets can often give me insights (See Manuscript Wish List). Specifically in MG, here is … Continue reading

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THE ETHAN I WAS BEFORE for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Earlier this year I won a copy of THE ETHAN I WAS BEFORE at Literary Rambles. Be sure to check out the site as it is one of my favorites with frequent giveaways, author/agent interviews, and great advice for writers. … Continue reading

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5 WORLDS: THE SAND WARRIOR for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

A reluctant reader once told me the reason he didn’t like to read books was it took too long to turn the page. What he meant to say was slogging through 250 words without any visual treats equated to torture. … Continue reading

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LUCKY BROKEN GIRL for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

I’ve read more books about diverse characters and their stories of immigration this year than I had the previous four years combined. And that’s a good thing. This story is unique in that it is based on an experience the … Continue reading

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Young readers who are studying the United States or want to learn more about this great country can stop right here at this new title from TIME FOR KIDS. What better way to start  than to have a look at … Continue reading

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