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Innocent animals are in trouble: temperatures are climbing, tides are rising, and nature is suffering. Someone needs to step in to rescue animals from extinction. Someone needs to turn this mess around, before it’s too late. And that someone is … Continue reading

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Abigail’s second year at the Tarkana Academy has been an all-out disaster. She’s just unwittingly helped Vertulious, an ancient he-witch and powerful alchemist, destroy Odin’s Stone and restore his powers, and now all of Orkney is caught up in the … Continue reading

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1 FOR ALL (plus an Interview with the author!)

J.J. thinks this year he will lead his eighth-grade team to the conference title. But bad breaks, a new coach, and a long-standing grudge sabotage J.J.’s hopes and leave him struggling on and off the court. Can J.J. and his … Continue reading

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Father’s Day is Sunday and even though my dad passed away many years ago, the June celebration gets me thinking about him more. Especially this year. I grew up with a houseful of older and younger sisters and as the … Continue reading

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MMGM for June 15, 2020

Starting this week and continuing through the summer, I’ll be lending the top spot to one of our frequent contributors. Today it’s Natalie Aguirre at Literary Rambles. Her site has frequent author and agent interviews, along with giveaways. If you’ve … Continue reading

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I first read a Sara Pennypacker book back in 2016, a story called PAX. About a boy and his beloved red fox. It tugged at your emotions and the writing was like a tutorial on what makes a great MG … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the three winners of my recent GIVEAWAY. They each receive a box filled with 10 books and an MMGM sticky note pack. Your prize package will arrive soon. Here are the lucky threesome: MICHELLE MASON FAITH HOUGH DANIELLE … Continue reading

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Skulduggery Pleasant—Seasons of War

I featured the first book in the series 18 months ago (Skulduggery Pleasant). It’s a wildly imaginative big world adventure featuring a girl and her skeleton companion—perfect for upper middle grade with great characters and plot. Book one was released … Continue reading

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An ALWAYS in the MIDDLE Celebration

Earlier this month I published my 1,000th post! It’s been 8 years, over 600 reviews and I’ve made connections to  the most wonderful group of bloggers, authors, and middle graders. I am truly blessed to have such a platform. A … Continue reading

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Growing up in our present day world is full of challenges. The non-stop “Breaking News” cycle leaves tweens and teens with only one conclusion: The world is a violent place. Conflicts escalate to a point where people are physically hurt … Continue reading

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