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A Cover for My New Critique Group

After my previous critique group disbanded, I began a search for some fellow MG writers to give my manuscripts one more look through. It didn’t take long to find three ladies desperately seeking (my words, not theirs) an MG writer. … Continue reading

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Critiquing Critique Groups

I’ve been a part of a 4-person critique group for several years. We meet once a month and react to one of our manuscripts. The feedback is always positive but also honest with pointed advice as to what would improve … Continue reading

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I write reviews each week and read hundreds more throughout the year. No matter who writes them reviews are just one person’s opinion. It doesn’t matter whether your source is GoodReads, Amazon, or the many fine blog authors. Pay too … Continue reading

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Harrison Demchick and Ambitious Enterprises

Earlier this month I won a contest through the wonderful blog PROJECT MAYHEM – The Maniac Minds of Middle Grade Writers. The prize was a review of a synopsis and the first few pages of my manuscript followed by a … Continue reading

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The Feedback Machine

Writing a book is a very solitary journey. It stays that way until the first of many critiques is sought. It is a scary time as no one cares about the hours you put into crafting the next best seller. … Continue reading

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It’s never over, until it’s over.

Over he past 12 months AWESOME SAUCE has been critiqued by some of my favorite people. They all gave me excellent feedback and helped shape the story it is today.  Exactly 38 people have read various versions but I had … Continue reading

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“The End” (well, not really)

When is “The End” really a good end? To me a good ending has three components: It wraps up the question or story line your main character has been pursuing throughout the pages. Leaves unanswered questions only if there is … Continue reading

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