Young readers who are studying the United States or want to learn more about this great country can stop right here at this new title from TIME FOR KIDS.

What better way to start  than to have a look at the people who inhabited the land before the 50 states came to be. There are sections on Tribal Nations, European Settlement, and Westward Expansion. After you get grounded in our beginnings it’s off to a visit to each state in alphabetical order.

From Alabama to Wyoming, every state is highlighted in a one page article with an accompanying fact box. I really liked that each article began with a history of the tribal nations inhabiting the area before statehood.

Not left out are Washington D.C., the U.S. Territories and Commonwealths. The colorful guide closes with a look at each region of the U.S. You’ll find me out here in the West, but other areas like the Northeast, South, Midwest, and Pacific States are summarized to show off their unique traits.

Filled with maps and iconic images of America’s people and sights, 50 STATES: OUR AMERICA is a must for any summer road trip.

Enjoy your weekend and start planning that summer trip!



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3 Responses to 50 STATES: OUR AMERICA

  1. Sounds like a great resource book!

  2. The Time books are usually pretty good. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Don’t see anything on the cover that shows anything connected with North or South Carolina! Could have put the Wright Bros. plane for NC.

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