Non-fiction readers can rejoice with the release of the sixth book in the Mystery and Mayhem series. In REBELS AND REVOLUTIONS read the true stories of five individuals who chose to rise up and fight injustice in America.

  • Fifteen year old Joseph Martin joins the Continental Army to fight in the Revolutionary War.
  • Sengbe Pieh fights for his freedom after enduring horrific conditions in the bowels of a slave ship.
  • Yosh Kuromiya resists the draft for World War II since his people are not treated in the same way as other U.S citizens.
  • African American teen Claudette Colvin refuses to give up her seat to a white woman.
  • Cesar Chavex becomes the voice of hope for thousands of poor migrant workers.

Each chapter begins with a map and a timeline of the struggle, along with pinpointing other historical events of the time period. The person’s story is told with an enticing beginning. Here’s a sample:

Most of the Africans were thin and all were filthy. Some lay in waste as death hovered patiently just behind them. Bloody stripes decorated the backs of others, courtesy of the ship’s temperamental captain and the two Cubans who had purchased the African slaves a few days earlier. These men did not fear a ragtag group of slaves.

They should have.

At the conclusion of each story a few more paragraphs highlight what else happened in the person’s life. It’s truly fascinating reading from beginning to end.

A complete glossary of terms is included and a resource page leads you to books, websites, and movies related to the stories. Perfect for home or the classroom, I can’t say it any better than what you’ll find in Nomad’s Press logo: BOOKS TO INSPIRE LEARNING.

Riveting, adventurous stories provide the inspirational fuel for any middle grader and even some of us older middle graders! Order yours today from Nomad Press.

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4 Responses to REBELS AND REVOLUTIONS from Nomad Press

  1. Hi Greg, Shared on Great Middle Grade Reads Facebook page.

  2. Denise V says:

    This looks great. I’ll be tracking it down for my son’s school.

  3. Oh, my. My grandson, Gehrig, will LOVE this book. I will definitely pick it up for him. Thanks for the review. I hadn’t heard of this. Your pull quote alone sells it.

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