TIME for KIDS of course has perfect timing with this new title and the arrival of Black History month in February. It must have been hard to choose just four great black Americans. If you don’t see your hero on the cover, perhaps you will find them via the added nineteen mini-biographies in the back pages.

Each of the four chapters takes you through the individual’s life and what makes them special. Many of the things learned will have you giving even more appreciation to the work these four have done. Each biography also ends with a two-page time line of important events in their life.

Here are a few highlights:

Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) She first escaped slavery at age 29 and it is estimated over her lifetime that she led 300 more slaves to freedom. She never had much money but always helped others. A true inspiration and she continues to inspire today.

Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) #42. And what a journey he had to reach the Brooklyn Dodgers as one of its prized players. Despite taunts from angry white fans and being treated differently, Jackie focused on his passion. As the chapter title proclaims: He was strong inside and out.

Rosa Parks (1913-2005) The act of not giving up her bus seat to a white man propelled this brave woman to the front as a civil rights pioneer. Her life was not easy and many pages will have you rooting for this lady. You’ll have a full understanding why she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Clinton in 1996.

Barack Obama (1961-      ) You may think you know all about our previous president. Give this a read and there will be many more surprises. Raised by his mother, Ann Dunham, Barack (Barry) grew up both in Hawaii an in Jakarta, Indonesia. In his teen years he lived with his grandparents in Hawaii. Each step of his life prepared him to become the first African-American president.

Colorful pictures accompany each biography. The text is also large and easy to read. Perfect for not only Black History Month but any month you want to learn about the struggles and triumphs of four great Americans.

If you are using this in the classroom, check out the curriculum guide by clicking on our young reader below:


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  1. Great choice! Would like to see some little known individuals who left their mark.

  2. Denise V. says:

    Perfect timing for sure. Thanks for sharing this important title.

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