DRAGON RIDER—The Griffin’s Feather

Last month I reviewed the first DRAGON RIDER book. This second installment took more than a decade to arrive and what I found reflecting back on both books is a passionate love of animals, the good in people, and the beauty in our world. The length of this one might scare away some young readers, but the message coming out of the story is one they shouldn’t miss.

Real and mythical creatures take center stage with their human counterparts. Dragon rider Ben is back, along with  a few new characters. An additional twenty plus pages was added as a glossary with descriptions of the people and places in the story.

Adventure seekers will rejoice at having a new addition to their reading list. The worldwide locations from Norway to the Himalayas make the tale an epic one.  But in the end it’s the love between a boy and a dragon. The last pages hinted maybe this story isn’t complete. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long for the next DRAGON RIDER to be released.



It’s now been two years since Ben and Firedrake defeated Nettlebrand and rescued the silver dragons. Both boy and dragon have finally found homes, but they must live hundreds of miles apart and can only see each other every once in a while. During one such visit, news reaches Ben, the Greenblooms, and their friends that the last Pegasus in the world has been discovered. The legendary horse has three unhatched eggs with him, but the only way they’ll ever hatch — and continue the survival of this incredible magical species — is to place them under a griffin’s feather. But griffins are the most dangerous creatures in the world, and their mortal enemies are dragons…Ben has vowed not to tell Firedrake about his quest, to protect him. But as he and the Greenbloom team set off for a remote island where the terrible griffins are rumored to live, he may just need the help of his best friend and dragon…



  1. Each chapter begins with an author’s quote from one of their books. It had me making a list of several I wanted to pursue further.
  2. The beginning made me smile when we get an update as to what Ben has been up to the last two years since his adventure in the first book ended.
  3. Fanciful drawings of creatures and locations appear in every chapter. It made my imagination grow even more.
  4. The theme of respect all creatures. It would make our world work so much better.
  5. The climatic battle had me on the edge of my seat. Superb writing that has high expectations for young readers.


“Maybe we should choose our friends not by our species but by what their hearts are like.”


I love being an author, because … … I can be a million different creatures and at a million different places with my stories – and that I come to countries for the very first time to find my stories have been living there for years in thousands of heads and hearts …that is the ultimate magic.

For more of her likes and dislikes visit Cornelia’s website.


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10 Responses to DRAGON RIDER—The Griffin’s Feather

  1. The worldbuilding and magic in this book make me want to try the series! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Enjoyed your description of the worldbuilding in this story. What a thrilling adventure for kids. I particularly like that kids learn about other parts of our world. This book interests me. Believe I saw it in the book store.

  3. Argh! I wish they wouldn’t wait so long! My copy of Dragon Rider is pretty worn out, and hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately. Will have to think about this one– maybe fans of Sutherland’s dragon books would like it.

  4. Ten years between books? The original readers would be all grown up! I will have to tell my son about this series, though. He’s a big fantasy reader and loves long books :).

  5. June McCrary Jacobs says:

    I loved your ‘Favorite Line’ and ‘A Quote From the Author’ quotations in this post. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this post for MMGM.

  6. Andrea Mack says:

    I haven’t read these but I bet kids will love them! Edge-of-the-seat battles always make for a great read!

  7. I loved Cornelia’s first series so I’ll have to check this one out too.

  8. Sue Kooky says:

    I love dragons! When I first saw the cover, I thought it was a Wings of Fire book 😂 With over a decade wait, that almost makes it even more fun to read because you had all that time to imagine what happens next 😄 Great review!

  9. cleemckenzie says:

    All you have to say is there are dragons in this book, and I’m there! Thank you for the review.

  10. Love your favorite line. That is really a good one. Thanks for the post. I will try to get to this book even though it’s not my usual cup of tea.

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