School revs up for many very soon.  It’s also a time when new readers of middle grade books begin to poke around at the titles.  I inevitably get the concerned question from a parent.: My 7 or 8 year old isn’t quite ready to delve into the often intricate plots of an MG book. What is out there to bridge the time before my child is ready?

BOBS AND TWEETS is one solution. A chapter book filled with colored illustrations, the story is written in rhymed verse. It’s about two families who live on Bonefish Street. The Bobs are messy and the Tweets are neat.  First came MEET THE BOBS AND TWEETS in 2016, then book #2 PERFECTO PET SHOW (2017), and book #3 TRICK OR TWEETS (2018)

New this month is BOBS AND TWEETS SCOUT CAMP! Here’s the official word on the plot:

image014The Bobs and Tweets are back for a whole new summer adventure. Their next destination: camp! In Pepper Springfield’s latest book BOBS AND TWEETS:Scout Camp! readers join the Bonefish Scouts as Bus Driver Joan leads them on a trip filled with sing-songy hikes, breathtaking views, tippy canoes, smores, and more camp fun!

But when Scout Leader Mike splits the group in two for a “team-building” exercise that forces them into survival mode, the Bobs and Tweets must work together in order to overcome some serious challenges. Will the scouts be able to pitch a tent, build a fire, and boil water before the ominous storm clouds keep them from finding their way home?

Scout Camp!  flawlessly demonstrates just how far a little teamwork and problem-solving can go when learning new skills and having fun along the way!

The story is a fun one to read out loud. With 10 chapters covered in 60 pages, the tale will have you giggling at the inventive rhyming and whimsical illustrations. No surprises in the plot but be ready for breathtaking views, sing-songy hikes, tippy canoes, delectable smores, and much more. Hang on to summer a little longer and take a trip with Bobs and Tweets. They may remind you of someone on your own street!


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