I remember the day clearly. It was a Saturday and I ventured out to a little league ball park to watch my 8-year-old nephew play in his first game. He took his position out in left field and sure enough the first batter hit a high fly ball toward him. Like a pro he shielded his eyes with the glove and waited to notch the first out of his young career. His head tilted back and the ball landed 6 feet in front of him. He never saw it coming.

The entire time he was focused on the plane flying overhead. Far more interesting for this pilot to be (Today he flies for American Airlines). And now there’s a book meant for kids like him.

The pages begin with a timeline taking readers from the Wright Flyer in 1903 all the way to a modern day Airbus A-380-800. What follows are four chapters covering all aspects of flight: Airplane Design; Atmosphere and Weather; Communication and Navigation; and The Future of Flight. Interspersed are spotlights on many of the most iconic planes ever made.

PLANES—From The Wright Brothers to the Supersonic Jet is also a visual spectacle with appealing illustrations. My favorite were the four pages covering the parts of an airliner and propeller plane. The hardback is just 104 pages, but the perfect size to lie on your back and read, with occasional glances to the skies above.

The volume is sure to please over and over with frequent re-readings. Perfect as a gift to any youngster interested in the fabulous world of flight.

For more of author/illustrator Jan Van Der Vekan’s books click here.

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  1. Fun book!! It really is miraculous how fare we’ve come in aviation in such a relatively short amount of time. I remember TWA propeller planes, before jets arrived. And in Dayton, the home of the Wright Brothers and WPAFB, we have a huge US AF Museum — five hangars full of history for plane enthusiasts — and the Dayton International Air Show in the summer with a lot old aircraft and the Thunderbirds etc.

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