After saving their parents from an alien attack and becoming official interns at Area 51, Viv Harlow and her friends Charlotte, Ray, and Elijah are ready to keep taking down bad guys and helping test all the fun high-tech gadgets. Instead, they all get put on filing duty (bo-ring!) and kept away from the real action. When Elijah discovers a secret Forbidden Zone hidden away on the base, the group jumps at the chance to explore the new place, only to learn it’s home to some of the most elusive creatures on Earth. But after the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, and more terrifying monsters escape, they’ll have to prove themselves to their parents and capture the beasts to save the base!


I reviewed the first book in the series last year and found it to be a fun, enjoyable read set in a very mysterious setting.

With Book 2 we get to go deeper into the off-limits area of Nevada’s AREA 51. This is where our endearing cast of characters discover some scary creatures and have to find a way to keep them away from the outside world.

Viv, Charlotte, Ray, Elijah, and newcomer, Joanna are the best part of the story. Their distinct personalities demonstrate the difficult time it can be during the early teen years to understand yourself and others. Of course it doesn’t help to be stuck in this forbidden place.

The ending of AREA 51 INTERNS ZONED OUT leaves the door wide open for Book 3 with the sudden appearance of another character we don’t know much about. Fast paced and always full of twists and turns, the series woks well for 8-13 year olds, boys and girls alike.


James S. Murray  is a writer, executive producer, and actor, best known as “Murr” on the hit television show  Impractical Jokers  on truTV and  The Misery Index  on TBS.  

When he is not helping search for LARRY or getting thrown out of an airplane by his best friends, Murr writes novels, such as the international best-selling  Awakened  trilogy,  Don’t Move , and  The Stowaway .  

Originally from Staten Island, he now lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with his wife, Melyssa, and puppy, Penny. @jamessmurray.  

Website: | Instagram: @therealmurr | Facebook:    |  

Twitter: @jamessmurray 

Carsen Smith wrote her first book at nine years old, but it wasn’t very good.  Now, she’s a comedian, screenwriter, and producer living in Brooklyn with her cats, Goose and Buffalo. You can see her satirical articles on Reductress and catch her around NYC with her sketch team One Bad Egg. Area 51 Interns: Zoned Out is her second novel. She once worked as a zookeeper and can probably beat you at Ping-Pong. 

Website: |   Instagram: @badlaughtrack   Twitter: @CarsenASmith 

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2 Responses to AREA 51 INTERNS – ZONED OUT

  1. What an interesting way to approach Area 51 than through fantasy. Sounds like a great sequel to the first book. Remember suggesting to you in one of your reviews to check out Ben Hansen, UFO Witness and his series on Travel Channel. Very credible. You may find on Youtube.

  2. This sounds pretty exciting. I think I should try to pick up the first book, then check this one out. Thanks for the review.

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