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MMGM for 9/10/18

Leading the MMGM parade is Michelle Mason at Musings of a Young Adult Writer. You’ll find reviews of both MG and YA books along with frequent posts about her writing journey. Today she has an interview with Krista Van Dolzer … Continue reading

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Coming up next Monday is  a Merry Christmas Marvelous Middle Grade Monday. I’ll have the Golden Cup Awards revealing my favorite moments from MG books. There’s also a giveaway of two $25 Amazon gift cards (Get the gift you really … Continue reading

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MMGM for 12/4/17

It’s That Holiday Season! The LINKS for December 4, 2017 (Click on an ornament to take you to their site) Happy December! Below are my thoughts on THE SEARCH OF THE LOST PROPHECY by William Meyer (Also linked via the … Continue reading

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Let me first spell out the entire title: FRAZZLED: ORDINARY MISHAPS AND INEVITABLE CATASTROPHES. Try saying that three times fast… Okay, I couldn’t either. Abbie Wu is back in her second story about life in middle school. I reviewed and … Continue reading

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STORY THIEVES – THE STOLEN CHAPTERS for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

My fictional telephone interview with fiction writer, James Riley… Middle Grade Greg (MGG): So James, who are you really? Your bio makes it sound like you don’t exist? FictionRiley (Friley): I’m Nobody. MGG: Yes, you made that very clear in … Continue reading

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A BLIND GUIDE TO STINKVILLE for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

I’m continuing my trek through Middle Grade sadness, but this time feels different. Yes, there is plenty to pull you down here: An almost sightless MC, a depressed mother, an angry older brother, and a father wrapped up in his … Continue reading

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AN MMGM 2nd Anniversary Celebration

A few notes before the celebration begins… 1) The winner of Carter Roy’s two book BLOOD GUARD series is  CINDY TRAN. You can check her review blog out at Cindy Reads A Lot.  Congratulations! I’ll get those out to you … Continue reading

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