‘Novel’ Films from Books for Kids

This blog post comes courtesy of an aggravating wait at a local discount store. Can’t there be a separate line for the six people in front of me who have been persuaded to join the frequent shoppers club? I guess not. All is not lost as I stepped away from the line and decided to dig through a stack of DVD’s, on sale of course with your frequent shopper’s card.  I found a couple treasures that brought back fond memories of Middle Level/Borderline YA books turned into movies. These choices will appeal to kids and adults alike. “The book is always better,” but these two did a more than adequate job of bringing theses memorable stories to life. Check them out:

Holes (Book and Screenplay by Louis Sachar) was released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2003. Starring Shia LeBeouf as the main character, Stanley Yelnats IV.  He endures life at a boy’s detention center for mistakenly stealing a pair of valuable shoes. Not you typical Disney offering, but a perfect blend of humor, bitterness, and outright charm.

Bridge to Terabithia (Book by Katherine Peterson) About two lonely kids whose paths cross in a small town, leading to the creation of a magical forest kingdom. They learn from each other and the boy (Jesse) is transformed. A sad but very uplifting story. Stars Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb who have continued their impressive acting careers to this day. Released in 2007.

Currently, I’d love to see stories like Carl Hiaasen, FLUSH, or Rebecca Stead’s, WHEN YOU REACH ME, make it to the big screen. But of course, it’s all about how many potential dollars could be made off such projects.

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1 Response to ‘Novel’ Films from Books for Kids

  1. JAHirsch says:

    I really liked how Disney turned “Holes” into a movie. The book was such an icon in my grade school, and I think the movie did a good job of keeping it quirky.

    I’m still waiting to see “Beowulf” as a video game. Level one: Grendel; level two: Grendel’s mother; level three: dragon. It’s perfect!

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