A Book Trailer Before Its Time

HenderpictureA friend gave me a Christmas present last year that was a first for me. It was a gift certificate for one class of my choice at a local community college. Last July I had some time and took a look at their catalog. Offerings such as The Art of Massage and Olive Oil: Your friend in the Kitchen, were not what I was looking for. I found many writing classes but they sounded too basic. Finally I centered on Getting an Audience with Video.

The quest to publish my first book has been a road full of new experiences. As I look ahead there is an even more daunting task looming on the horizon: Book marketing. Promoting your book via a book trailer is one piece of that puzzle. I have looked at many of these and find the best ones include motion and music.

I took the class (Two nights for a total of 10 hours). The final project was to create at least a two-minute video to promote a business or ourselves. I asked the instructor, who I’m sure just celebrated his 12th birthday, if I could do a book trailer. Even though my book is not on the shelf yet, he agreed and hundreds of hours later (Okay, I exaggerate), my first effort was posted and set to ‘Private’ on my YouTube account.

For the next week I am opening up the video through this link. If you find a few minutes, let me know what you think. After a week or so, I’ll take the video down, revise, and then wait to re-release the final product when the proper time arrives.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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4 Responses to A Book Trailer Before Its Time

  1. lilicasplace says:

    Hi Greg! I want to thank you for visiting my blog with the Blitz Team yesterday. It was awesome. All the positive comments were really inspiring. Second, I watched your video trailer. I think it’s very well executed (though I’m no expert by any means). Best of Luck. Lily.

  2. sweetpea2love says:

    Hello…I found your blog from another blogger in the circle of friends within Word Press. I jumped over the web to view the short film for your book from the link you provided. You’ve captured my interest with your video, and I look forward to future postings letting us know how the book is coming along.. Take care and stay happy…

    • gpattridge says:

      Thanks for the follow and for looking at my trailer. It’s along journey but one I’m enjoying. I’ve been writing a sequel and have reached 10,000 words. I’ll stop by your blog for a visit. Thanks again.

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