No more Tweets; But Maybe a Great Storyline

Each morning for the past two weeks, this bird has been perched on the same branch, at the same time, in the same position. Not being a bird expert, I have no idea of her species, but she is a beauty. She looks my way as the window shade goes up and stays for a few minutes before flying away. This morning the branch was empty. Twitter tweets are all I have left. (There’s a sentence I didn’t imagine saying five years ago).P1010335

As I thought about where this precious creature might be, the writing portion of my brain took over. This could make a great story from a bird’s perspective, visiting the windows of various people to see what they are up to, getting involved in the start of their days, but then trouble arrives…

Okay, might be a stretch, but it does remind me how I’ve changed since becoming serious about writing. Each day’s activities, the events I witness, the interactions, all lead me back to the same question: Hmmm, could this make an interesting story?

I keep my thoughts to myself to not arouse suspicion and to keep people from worrying about my future, but I’m always looking at it from the writer’s viewpoint. Searching for that special tale that will be fun to write. I have observed and listened to many things the past week. Could there be a short story? A novel? Maybe a movie of the week passing before my eyes?  Time will tell with this week’s sightings, possibly the beginnings of a story:

  • An unmarked van moves through a suburban housing development, stopping occasionally to look at a particular house. Their windows tinted, no one can see their intentions.
  • A boy’s favorite animal, the red fox, talks to him in his dreams, telling him what to do the next day.
  • A dog barks. Twenty feet away sits a twice as large coyote contemplating his next move. The owner sees the interaction and despite persistent banging on the window, the coyote moves closer…
  • Student of the Month. A 14-year-old boy celebrates his first success. His life full of poverty, divorce, and conflict takes a break and his mom smiles. Maybe this kid will make it.
  • Walking through a park, I stop at a posted sign: Set of car keys found. Call 303—
  • A family with their house in foreclosure must give up their best friend, a Siberian husky. One year later they try to get him back.

Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned. The next great story just may be waiting for you in your every day life.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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