Monday Review: Runaway Twin

runaway-twin-1xlbaj5This fast moving novel by Peg Kehret has a great protagonist with a never give up attitude. Her first person narrative always had me turning the pages for more.

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Date of Publication: 2009

Word count: 39,471

Level: 4.7

Back of book description (Click on image to make larger):sunny

Five things I liked:

  1. The pacing is excellent. The main character keeps pushing herself despite the obstacles thrown at her in every chapter.
  2. Sunny Skyland. She is the spunky female narrator of the story. The dialog and internal thinking are perfectly balanced. Her thoughts as to what to do are not always the right ones, but she does a good job of convincing the reader they are the best choices to make.
  3. The lessons taught. One being don’t expect things to turn out exactly the way you think they will.
  4. A dog story this is not, but a dog plays a key role in helping Sunny deal with her long journey.
  5. The ending, although I hoped for more resolution to her relationship, or lack of one, with her twin.

Favorite Line: The last thing I glimpsed was Snicker’s nose, pressed to the back window, watching me.

Who will love this book: Girls will gravitate toward this title more than boys. With very few solid male characters, this had a girl’s feel to it from the start. I enjoyed it though and thought it would make a good read-a-loud.


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