I Climbed Another Mountain

mountainIt’s not what you think but every bit as challenging… I finished my second Middle Grade manuscript. Take a deep breath and celebrate. Note to self: Don’t buy the Halloween candy before you write the final chapters. Now I have to replenish before the trick or treat onslaught arrives.

The story flowed better this time, partially due to the two statements I kept close by the past four months:

If the words don’t move the plot forward, hit the delete key.

Write so the reader experiences the events and emotions through your words.

I’m going to let my newborn project (NO BRAINER) sit for a few weeks then I will read it from beginning to end, rewriting and editing as I go. Once I’m satisfied, I will shut the windows (my own not the ones on the desktop) and read the story out loud. There’s nothing like it to correct clunky wordings and pacing.

Next will be critiques and more rewrites. Here’s my first attempt at a blurb:

Is it possible to remember every moment of your past? Eleven-year-old, Hender, thinks so and he’s already recalled 2,514 days, but can a picture of the past create the future he desires… the one with a dad in his life?

So now I’m wrapping up my time with these characters who have been my companions the past three years. The two stories are connected, but stand up well on their own. It’s bittersweet, but also nice to have other writing ideas fluttering out of my now less cluttered mind. Two more contemporary middle grade tales, a YA story about a Hispanic boy struggling to make it in the suburbs of a big city, and a mystery.

All I can do is keep writing and waiting for that door to open.

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...always striving to reach the next peak in my life and career.
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