The Gift Of Poetry

I had the opportunity the past week to talk with two classrooms – one filled with energetic 8-year-olds and the other with 28 5th and 6th graders. The topic was Becoming a Better Writer. People who make educational decisions should be required to spend at least a week in a classroom. Teaching is the hardest job hands down. No two kids are alike, and teachers are expected to have them all reach the same spot at the end of the school year. Good luck with that one. Much like a fifty yard dash, kids will finish but not all at the exact moment. Visit a classroom and you will understand.

The school gave me a gift from their publishing department (A couple of volunteer parents). It’s a laminated book of poetry. Here are three of my favorites for your weekend reading:

THE SUN by Devon
The sun is beautiful when you turn off the light.
I love the sun because it is a beautiful sight.
The sun makes me happy and hot.
I love my mommy and daddy a lot.
SPECIAL by Lauren
She is special
Because she had me.
He is special
Because he loves me.
I am special
Because I am theirs.
They are special
Because they are sweet
Everyone is special

Because they are.

Orange is a sunset
       you see over the ocian
Orange is the natural color of
      a Florida fruit that’s ripe.
Orange is love when you’re
      dreaming of  a daisy.
Orange is the color of some ideas
     when you’re thinking about Math.
Orange is happiness like when
      I’m at school.

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Climbing another mountain...always striving to reach the next peak in my life and career.
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