Ten Favorite Summertime Middle Grade Reads

Yes, the time has come to say goodbye to spring, at least on the calendar. This Saturday the sun will be at its farthest point north of the equatorphoto (Exactly 6:51 A.M. EDT if you want to celebrate). It’s also a good time to take note of books you or your middle grade child want to explore. Nothing heavy for the summer. Just some light, humorous stories to read during this active season. All of them are linked to Amazon if you want to take a peek at the first few pages. Enjoy! I’m off to the pool.


BILLIONAIRE BOY by David Walliams


FAKE MUSTACHE by Tom Angleberger

FINALLY by Wendy Mass

JACK STRONG TAKES A STAND by Tommy Greenwald (My Review)

MISSION UNSTOPPABLE (The Genius Files #1) by Dan Gutman

THE FOURTH STALL by Chris Rylander

THE GREAT WALL OF LUCY WU by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

THE PET WAR by Allan Woodrow (My Review)

Coming Monday: A review of THE GREAT GREENE HEIST.

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162 Responses to Ten Favorite Summertime Middle Grade Reads

  1. Great choices. I just had one leave middle school and another about to enter it.
    So I am going to look these up.

    HAPPY BLITZ day!

  2. Haven’t read any of these yet, which means a few more to add to that ever-expanding list of books to buy and read. Yikes!

  3. Happy Summer Reading! And, happy Blitz day!!!

  4. I have a middle schooler who loved Billionaire Boy, so I’ll look up the rest of these. Happy Blitz Day!

  5. djtsmith says:

    Enjoy your summer reading! And enjoy the blitz!

  6. rhonda albom says:

    Wonderful reading list. I am down under, so we are in winter. happy blitz day 🙂

  7. cleemckenzie says:

    I loved The Fourth Stall. Chris and I debuted together and I remember being among the first to read her ARC. Lovely choices for Middle Grade reads.

    Happy Blitz Day to you.

  8. Happy Blog Blitz Day!

    It’s great to find your blog and all the recommendations. Sometimes it’s really hard to know what books kids will love. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed. Hmm. I wish my TBR list wasn’t so long.

  9. Enjoy your Summer reads! HAPPY BLITZ DAY!!!!!

  10. Happy Blitz Day!

    Truth be told, I love reading YA fiction. My 14 year old daughter has introduced me to some fantastic writers!

    • Yes, I sneak in the occasional YA and Adult title when time allows. There are great books in every genre. Recent MG classic like DEAD END IN NORVELT and WHEN YOU REACH ME are some of my favorites that read like YA.

  11. authorcrystalcollier says:

    Happy blitz day! I’m in the middle of reading two middle grade books to my kiddos right now, and there’s nothing better. Thanks for the recommendations!

  12. Happy Blitz Day! My son is only 11 months old, but the days where I’ll need Middle Grade reading for him will be here faster than I care to think about. Thanks for the recs!

  13. Those are some amazing picks! I am definitely going to introduce them to my sis. Happy Blitz Day 🙂

  14. kentuckygal50 says:

    Now I know where to come for middle grade and YA ideas! I’ve got two students in the latter category and one in the former. Happy BLITZ Day!

  15. Glad I popped by for Blitz Day, so I could discover your blog and your latest MG list. Even though I write MG books and work in a library, quite a few of your favorites are new titles to me. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to check them out!

  16. LillianC says:

    Happy Blitz Day! I can see there are many helpful and entertaining posts here.

  17. That looks like a great book list! I’m getting a little out of touch with the latest and greatest in MG these days now that my son is venturing into YA more. I need to set aside some time to tackle a few MG novels on my TBR list. Have a super Blitz Day!

  18. Great choices! Happy blitz day! 🙂

  19. The books sound awesome!
    Happy Blog Blitz Day!

  20. Thanks. Glad you could stop by for a look.

  21. jennienzor says:

    Great recs as always! The Great Wall of Lucy Wu sounded particularly intriguing. Hope you enjoy your time at the pool!
    Happy Blitz Day!

  22. jeffhargett says:

    Sadly, I’m totally out of touch with Middle Grade reads. I do, however, firmly believe that MG books are perhaps the most important books out there. It’s those books that can truly allow the childhood imagination to continue flourishing and propel the love of reading all the way into adulthood. Of course, with my grandsons about to enter that age group, I’d best get to checking some of them out soon.

    May your blitzing be happy! 🙂

    • I agree and there are so many great ones out there in all genres. They are also older readers as they keep us young. Thanks for your comments on this very happy Blitz Day.

  23. Isn’t getting blitzed fun? I got the pleasure a few weeks ago. I love the organization of your blog and I especially like your then and now picture. I’m not brave enough to post mine! Have a great summer.

  24. Steve Kozeniewski says:

    Looks great, Greg! Thanks!

  25. Happy reading and happy blitz day!

  26. I always love the titles for MG books! Glad to meet you on Blitz Day.

  27. artemisian says:

    I don’t read much middle grade, but there are definitely a few on my TBR that I haven’t got around to reading yet.

    Happy Blitz day 🙂

  28. Hi Greg! Great to meet you! I’m here as part of DL’s Blog Blitz! It’s such a cool thing, isn’t it….seeing 100s of comments on your blog! I’ll be back to visit for sure. 🙂

  29. Sia McKye says:

    That’s quite a list you have there. I don’t read MG books anymore–kids are beyond that and grandnieces are a little before that.when I read for pleasure it’s something that suits the adult me. But I will pass the link for the website to several of my nieces who have young ones. I think they’d enjoy a site that gives suggestions of good books for kids.

    Enjoyed your review tho. Nicely done.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  30. thegateopens says:

    Wow, what wonderful choices! I always think I’m past reading middle grade books, but darned if I don’t get pulled in when I start reading. A great story is a great story and apparently, the sixth-grader in me appreciates that just as much as the adult. Happy Blitz Day!

  31. kraes says:

    Saying hi from the Blitz a little late. Thanks for this wonderful list!

  32. Love your list! Perfect for summertime. Sorry my BLITZ DAY comment is late. We’re on a family vacation and my internet wouldn’t work. So……. Happy Belated BLITZ DAY!!!

  33. Those sound great! I’ll suggest some of them to my son. Happy Belated Blog Blitz!!

  34. denizb33 says:

    I haven’t read any of these! Always happy to add more books to my wishlist. Happy belated blog blotz day!

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