It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…

My very own copy of THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES. Thanks to a contest on My Brain on Books (from none other than 9781423633976Joanne Fritz. Check out her blog), I already felt like a Superhero after my copy arrived direct from Bart King, the masterful author. The book is hefty. It must weigh, hold on a sec, I’ll be right back… yes, 2 pounds!

I jumped in right away and flipped through the pages. The first thing I came across was a 23 question quiz to take after reading the book. AHA. Maybe I already was a true superhero and didn’t know it. I took the quiz as a pretest and scored a 3, or a 4 with my lame answer on #8. Either way – not gifted. I was rather happy with my failure since the chapters titles were intriguing. Ones like SuperVillains and other Ethically Challenged People! Or how about, Superhero Training!

But wait, would it be too late for me to become a Superhero? I’m on my third career and frankly I don’t look like the Superhero type. Then again, Clark Kent and Peter Parker hadn’t looked the part either. Should I pass this along to my favorite 11-year-old as a gift to ensure his successful future? He would get his chance soon enough. I had to find out if I was hopelessly past getting my Superhero wings, cape, or, actually I’m not sure what you get.

As I read the chapters (not in order, and it didn’t seem to matter), there were more fun quizzes, loads of facts about superheroes I had never heard of, and unique trivia. I loved the activities –  things you could make or do as directions are given to carry them out. Let’s just say my next party is going to have a few surprises. Also, every conceivable angle was covered as to how to actually become a superhero. Most in hilarious fashion. With the excellent cartoon style pictures along with the text, the ride is well worth anyone’s time, whether you have a sidekick or not.

After completing my journey, I retook the quiz and I’m proud to say scored a perfect 23. At least on paper I earned my full-fledged superhero degree, or at least it felt that way. Now the hard work begins. I need a name (ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE MAN seemed a bit lame, but I’m working on it), a costume (my summer attire blends in with everyone else), and of course a mission. Regardless, I know I’ll be ready to save humankind thanks to Bart King and THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES. Holy Batman, this book is great!



About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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3 Responses to It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…

  1. I think Joanne chose exactly the right name from her blog hat. Few could appreciate such a book as much as you!

  2. Turns out the 10-year-old non reader next door benefited even more. I handed him the book yesterday and his mom told me today it was the first book he had opened all summer, despite trying every book ever made (she admitted that was an exaggeration, but it felt that way). At 11 pm she thought he had left his bedroom light on and surprise, he was reading! Thank goodness books like this appeal to those not willing to delve into the next Newbery.

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