Feeling Secure as a Writer

Writing is a funny business. I spend hours creating a scene only to change the words the next day. Entire chapters are cut, new ones added, and still I strive to make it perfect. Three out of four people will comment how they loved a certain part and the fourth will have a concern. Their one comment rolls around until it makes sense (or perhaps never does). I go back to rewrite once more. A sense of security comes and goes.

Yes, I’m revising my current story. It’s gone well, though it consumes every spare moment. I’ve sent out this second draft to a few readers and despite their positive comments I keep wondering – have I nailed it? Is there ever a perfect story? Probably not, as I’ve heard established authors say they’d like to change a scene even after their novel is published.

As I go through each day with work and other pursuits, my  story is always in the background. Listening to conversations and observing human reactions becomes a reminder of pages that could use a boost. I return to the story and change a few lines or paragraphs and I’m satisfied again. Then I ask for feedback and wait.

That time is filled with writing  this blog, reading, and completing non-writing tasks that need my attention. One of those this summer has been organizing my out of control pile of photo files. They are everywhere. In a cloud, on my phone and computer, and a box full of printed photos. I’m cataloging each one, tagged as either family, friends, travel, me, miscellaneous, and signs. Yes, I take pictures of words that capture my attention. Don’t know why. I’ve got dozens of these and since this post has been about security as a writer, here are two that you might want to post outside your front door to provide extra security at your home. Those solicitors may think twice before ringing your doorbell…

100_2233                               lion


About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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2 Responses to Feeling Secure as a Writer

  1. Good luck with your revisions. I heard an interview with David Wroblewski who wrote The Story of Edgar Sawtelle after the book came out. He said something about how hard it was after the book was published to get up in the morning and know that he couldn’t fix the things he’d thought of in the night. I get that.

  2. I get that, too. Might be why I’ve been moving so slow towards publication. I’m never fully satisfied and always find something that can be revised. It’s a good thing I enjoy it so much.

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