Cybils-Logo-2014-NominatedYes, the entire list is here, from book apps and picture books through YA and non-fiction. It’s an impressive collection of literature. What’s even more exciting is the book ALWAYS in the MIDDLE nominated for the MG Fiction Award has won! Jacket+Nickel+Bay+Nick

Congratulations to Dean Pitchford and his memorable NICKEL BAY NICK.

(Here’s my original review)

I let my own copy get away to another reader so I’ll be out searching for another to put on my shelf. Of course, I’ll be re-reading the great story, too. It puts a smile on my face as does this honor for the book.

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  1. I only recognized two titles on the list. Nothing I nominated was selected. I’ve already started my list for next year’s nominations. I’m sure they are all deserving. Will have to check out some of them.

  2. Congrats on having the magical nomination touch.

  3. I’ve only read one of the books on the list. I have some reading to do! Congrats on your pick.

  4. msyingling says:

    You are Mr. Buxton both loved this one so much! I still wanted There Will Be Bears, if only for the prunce juice drinking contest, but that MIGHT have been what turned others against it! I was surprised at how many of the nominations I had read before they even started, but this was one I hadn’t gotten to, so you can feel doubly proud of yourself!

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