BRIDGET WILDER: Spy-in-Training for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

This smart new series charms with humor and a determined attitude from literature’s newest heroine, Bridget Wilder. WceGgDUNlCA8RPHOz66AbHHs4RI12Vqg+OoBRGBrKx2plCphEkAr3aizNSRpuGHkIoDZcS4gLRs3LNNbucM2tzHjr1b6gOv!JK2gG4iMspVQ5iDKyCBWtzAWMsmQ+7PKShe’s the only adopted child, a middle, and worries her family doesn’t connect with her like they do with an older brother and younger sister. Busy parents even forget that it’s her birthday.

When a bag arrives on the doorstep (How come I never get a bag like this on my doorstep?), her life begins to change. It is full of cool gadgets like a weapon infused lip balm and a container of tiny cameras planted in Tic-Tacs. Things get worse at home, but at school she’s able to branch out beyond the one friend she never really liked. She soon discovers her biological father is a spy and wants Bridget to join him on future missions.

There’s a great batch of middle school characters from a group of very exclusive girls to, Dale, a boy she kind of likes. Dale especially takes a surprising turn as his character develops. Family and school life are realistically portrayed. Never dull and always surprising, Bridget Wilder gets a fantastic and thrilling introduction to the spy world. She’ll be back soon in BRIDGET WILDER: SPY TO THE RESCUE.


FULL PLOT (From the author’s web site) :Middle school meets Mission Impossible in this hilarious spy series for fans of Chris Rylander, Stuart Gibbs, and Ally Carter about a girl whose life is turned upside down when she discovers her father is a superspy.

Up until Bridget’s birthday the most exciting moment in her life was when Dale Tookey maybe, sort of, smiled at her one time. But that was before—before she found a mysterious present at her doorstep, before she was transported to a covert CIA agency called Section 23, and before she became Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training. Now Bridget’s busting boys out of detention, being chauffeured by a talking car, and infiltrating the popular girls’ clique to steal secret codes, all while undercover as a semi-awkward middle school girl. But will she be able to keep up with her new action-packed life?

FIVE THINGS TO LIKE ABOUT: BRIDGET WILDER: Spy-in-Training by Jonathan Bernstein

  1. Bridget has more problems than her spy training. There’s school where she is the butt of many jokes and home where she’s not sure how she fits into the family. Both settings should invoke familiarity with tween readers.
  2. The aforementioned gadgets, along with a super powered track suit come from the mind of a promising new MG author.
  3. Nice to find a story where change comes to not only the main character but also most of the secondary cast. Older brother, Ryan; Perfect younger sister, Natalie; Joanna, the not so best friend; and of course Dale Tookey, geekish and heroic. Great ensemble!
  4. You’ll be reminded how difficult 13 can be in this modern day world. Bridget navigates with humor while she attempts to form an identity.
  5. Perfect balance of action, funny bits, and crisis control at every turn. What we have here is a smart female lead that might also encourage quite a few boys into reading.


“Happy birthday,” she says.

I’m touched. I’m taken aback. I’m surprised. I look at the book. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. A dog-eared, second – maybe-even-third – hand copy. The name Sarah B is scrawled at the top left-hand corner. I’m disappointed, But not hideously. I’ve got a good idea of the sort of stuff Joanna keeps in that bag. I could have been stuck with the black banana or her half-empty, crusted-over bottle of hair dye.


For more into Bridget’s world (Including her spy song list) visit Jonathan’s website

Here’s the AMAZON link where you can order your own copy.


Make a comment here if you have time. I enjoy reading all of them.

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12 Responses to BRIDGET WILDER: Spy-in-Training for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

  1. Wow. That’s the best book trailer I’ve seen for ages.

  2. Sounds like a great read and some interesting issues with the main character being adopted.

  3. cleemckenzie says:

    What a fun cover! Love the idea of the story.

  4. This sounds very cool–especially with its own trailer!

  5. Sounds like a very different story that will engage readers. Like the action and humor. That is an excellent video.

  6. Phew! Finally found where to comment–as your post says something about looking under the title of the post.

    As you know, I love your reviews. This series sounds fun-tastic–spy stories are just plain great, and the author sounds as if he’s got the middle grade voice down pat. I’ll be looking out for this series.

  7. I’m a sucker for stories about kid spies, maybe because it’s something I would never have been able to do! I like the twist on the orphan-who’s-really-a-princess trope.

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