An Upcoming Cybils Celebration Giveaway

Cybils-Logo-2015-Web-SmNext week the winners in each category of this year’s Cybil Awards will be revealed. I am most excited for the category I worked on: Middle Grade Fiction. Myself and four other dedicated judges read each of the titles. We then battled it out in a winner takes all online discussion.  I had two favorites on the list and hoped not too much blood, sweat, or tears would be shed to convince the others. Happily we agreed on our top choice. Here again here are the five finalists:


Four female – one male protagonist. The settings: London, San Francisco, Vietnam, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Each day next week I’ll have a review of each title starting with the winner on Monday.

The best news is you can win a giveaway of all five hardback books by making a comment on any or all of those days (up to five entries). I’ll draw the name on Sunday (Feb. 21) at 6 pm EST. Good luck!

About Greg Pattridge

Climbing another mountain...writing middle grade novels.
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5 Responses to An Upcoming Cybils Celebration Giveaway

  1. Five good books I haven’t read. Ah, Greg. How can you tempt me like that? I haven’t read all the last batch I won from you. I guess you had best leave me out of this wonderful opportunity. I will put them all on my TBR list and watch to see the winner. What a nice giveaway for someone!

    • I know the feeling, Rosi. Too many books to read. I did read these five in about three weeks. Getting five people to agree on one title was surprisingly easy. I’m sure I was on the panel to provide a little balance to the predominately female judging group. It was fun but I could never be a first round judge… over a hundred books in two months.

  2. warrchick says:

    Exciting times! I look forward to your reviews. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for serving as a judge for the Cybils! I know it took some time.

  4. Can’t wait to see who the winner is. There were so many wonderful entries. Two of the books above are on my TBR list. Will look forward to the judges pick.

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