I can’t get enough of these great new titles from National Geographic. This one is perfect to fill those long summer days when you hear the drawn out cry from an 8-13 year-old… “I’m bored.”

The official blurb for 125 WACKY ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS: Ever since the car was invented in the late 1800’s, roadside businesses have been trying to catch the eye of behind-the-wheel consumers as they zoom past.  An underwater mailbox, “Carhenge,” walls of gum, the Paris Sewer Museum, a hotel here you sleep in an igloo, the Unclaimed Baggage Center, a brain shaped phone booth, the world’s tallest bridge and breathtaking natural wonders are just a few of the amazing destinations packed into 125 Wacky Roadside Adventures.  These bizarre landmarks from around the world are not only fun to read about, but they also tickle the funny bone and touch upon history, science and the natural world. For an added dose of inspiration, Nat Geo Young Explorer Marissa Gaiwel recently hit the highways and shares her experience of her 4000 mile trek through the United States to document and learn more about these unique destinations.


A handy worldwide map follows the contents list and is a good spot to start. Once you find the page you want you’ll find splashy colorful pictures with a paragraph description. I had to start with the 27 foot boxing crocodile in Humpty Doo, Australia.boxingcroc Closer to home in Cottonwood, Idaho I found the DOG BARK PARK INN B&B where you can book a room right in his belly.


I’m not the target age for this book but once I got started it was hard to look away. You’ll smile, laugh, and shake your head at the creativity and true wackiness present in our world.

I’ll be adding this one to my Blogging Anniversary Celebration Giveaway coming up soon. Your chance to be one of three winners of a stack of MG titles and a gift card. Details coming soon!

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  1. diegosdragon says:

    How cool is that? A long time ago my Dad, bless his heart, put his wife and five kids in a station wagon and drove from California to Wisconsin. This book would have come in handy!

  2. I, too, love the NatGeo books for kids. They have come up with some great ones. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I will. It sounds terrific. Thanks for telling me about it. If this is part of your giveaway, I will have to enter!

  3. cleemckenzie says:

    This makes me want to hop in the car, grab a few kids–mine and others–and take a road trip.

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