An Astronaut Tells All…

Well, not quite everything, but Dr. Dave Williams, a NASA astronaut with three space walks 1466990396under his belt, does reveal the answers to questions young middle graders want to know.

Don’t expect a boring display of facts. The guide is 56 pages of photographs, fun illustrations, and of course explanations as to how our bodies adapt to the conditions, especially the lack of gravity.

If you have ever wondered…

  1. How do you go to the toilet in space?
  2. What does food taste like?
  3. Is it dangerous to burp in low gravity conditions?
  4. How does a person sleep in the space station?
  5. What happens if you have to go while you’re on a space walk?
  6. Why do astronauts sometimes have a puffy face?
  7. How do you brush your teeth without making a huge mess?

The importance of answers to these and many more oddities (Yes, flatulence is covered in detail) is because some day we’ll send humans to Mars. The one way trip takes six months and keeping astronauts fit and healthy is the first priority.

Middle graders with an interest in space will be the first to line up to read this unique book. For the rest of us it’s a fun diversion and one that will have you saying, “Oh, so that’s how it works in space!”

To view the inside visit Annick Press.

Order your own copy at AMAZON.


I’ll be back on Monday with a review and blog tour stop for MYSTERIES OF COVE: GEARS OF REVOLUTION:


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1 Response to An Astronaut Tells All…

  1. This sounds like almost too much fun. My library has it on order and I have it on hold. Thanks for telling me about it.

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